Monday, July 12, 2010


I have very mixed feelings concerning Genova. It's a disgusting place yet it intrigues me... I don't get it. The people scare me but I want to know everyone and everything. Too bad there isn't time for that..

Italian Independence Day

This was the first time I shot something so public before... and in a different country. At first I was uncomfortable but the reactions I got from people as I kept shooting just got better. They were intrigued by us, probably just because we're American. I don't know, it was liberating or something. I am no longer nervous about street photography.

Cinque Terre again. Mostly in Monta Rossa. I think now, looking back, I appreciated it fully. I loved being there so much. That makes me happy.
It was probably the most romantic place I have ever seen. I will be coming back some day.