Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First Impressions of Genova

So far, it has been incredibly different since the last time I was in Italy four years ago. Probably because I visited Rome, Florence.. all the tourist areas. I didn't actually live anywhere. Genova smells... bad. But I'll get over it maybe? The first thing I noticed after that were the roads. I really like the winding and narrowness they have as well as the stone their made of. I like that it's crooked and uneven and not perfect pavement. I imagine someone placing each stone one by one into the ground with their hands. It is satisfying to think that the space I walk on is not made by a machine. I don't know how I feel about the people yet. I don't remember much of the language either. They stare at us like were the rats in new york city. I can still feel their eyes burning through my "ugly american" skin. I can't wait to start photographing this city and especially the port.
Although there is a lot of work ahead and many things to get used to I think it's going to be amazing and it will be worth it.
Patti told me today that I must give up something in order to gain. I hope for me that it is true.

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