Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Today we had Italian again like we will every morning for four hours. I really like my professor, Stefano. He makes us understand without speaking english. After that we went to lunch. Molto bene for now but I know I am going to get tired of all the bread. I miss salads and hummus.

We also had photo class. I know I need to be thinking about my projects and my intent but I am just so exhausted every night my brain does not want to.

I miss people already of course. I wish I had a way to reach America. I wish I had my music, I need to here Jim Morrison's voice.

Ian took us to Bar Mario where this girl from RIT works. Her name is Kristy and she came on this program 4 years ago. She fell in love, moved here and had a baby. It's so crazy. I don't think I could live here..
But she was really cool. She made me my first italian cappucino.

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